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Provider Illness/Personal Days

As strong as our immune system has become over the years, we unfortunately still get sick from time to time. Because of this, we allow ourselves seven (7) sick/personal days per year. We also use these days for our continuing education classes (CPR, Pediatric First Aid, etc.) to provide the best care for your children. We will give you as much advance notice as possible to make alternate childcare arrangements. We will provide you with as much advance notice as possible to make alternate arrangements for childcare if any of our staff or a member of any individual in the home, who may be contagious to others, causes our facility to close.

Note: We strongly advise each family to create a backup care plan for care in the event of your child



We allow ourselves three weeks of vacation per calendar year, and our vacation dates will be posted at least one month in advance. Regular payment rates apply for our vacations, your vacations, weeks with holidays, and providers' sick/personal days.

Note: Parents are responsible for finding backup care for their children during provider vacations, holidays, and sick/personal days resulting in the child care closing.


Child's Absences and/or Vacations

If your child will not be attending child care due to illness or Vacation, please let us know as soon as possible so the day's activities won't be held up waiting for your child to arrive. Also, we need to know how many children we need to prepare meals for. No discounts will be given for your child's absences due to illness or vacations. If your child will not be attending child care for whatever reason, you are still required to pay.


We require 2week advanced notice for vacation days we don’t charge the 1st week of childcare of vacation. However  Parents are responsible for additional weeks’ after.



We honor all children's birthdays. If you would like to bring a special Treat (no homemade treats, please) for the children, please arrange this with the provider. You are more than welcome to participate in ANY activities we have planned.


Arrival and Departure

Please send your child clean, dressed (no pajamas, unless you don't mind your child wearing their pajamas all day), fed, and ready for the day, as well as all of your child's necessary supplies needed for that day's care. Please do not send food, i.e. (half-eaten breakfasts, breakfast bars, candy, etc.) or gum with the children. Please make your goodbye brief (no more than a couple of minutes): the longer you prolong your departure, the harder it gets for both parents and especially for your child. Never leave without telling your child goodbye.


Please be in control of your child during drop-off and pickup times. No one other than the parent or person designated by you will be allowed to pick up your child without advanced written permission indicating the person's name and relationship to your child. If there is a court order keeping one parent away from the child, we must have a written note from the custodial parent in our file to that effect. Otherwise, we cannot prevent the non-custodial parent from picking up the child.


Termination Policy

The first two (2) weeks will be regarded as a trial period, in which case either party may terminate the contract without notice. After the first two (2) weeks of enrollment, two (2) weeks of written notice from the parent or provider are required to terminate the contract, with the exception of gross misconduct on the part of the provider, parent, or child. This is grounds for immediate discontinuation of service. In cases of non-payment, legal action may be taken, and the parents will pay all legal fees incurred.


Advance Notice

 If you no longer need our childcare services, I must give two (2) weeks of advance notice. Whenever possible, even more Notice is better. This helps us tremendously. The reason is, unlike large childcare centers, we can only accept seven children while we are still undergoing licensing procedures and 12 children once we become licensed. So, when we are complete, we are forced to say NO to all incoming requests for child care. If we have advance notice of the discontinuation of needed services, we can make future arrangements with new families inquiring about childcare for their children. This helps keep our open spot fluctuation to a minimum and helps us focus more on being the best childcare providers we can be, instead of worrying about "the bills" and putting food on the table.



A nonrefundable deposit equal to one week of childcare costs is due at the time of enrollment. However, please do not assure us until you have signed the Child Care Contract/Enrollment Form and thoroughly read the parent handbook. Your child's spot is not secured until we have received both the deposit and the signed Child Care Contract/Enrollment Form. The deposit will be credited towards the last two weeks of your child's enrollment.


*Note: Sorry, No Checks


Payment Policy/Attendance

All tuition payments are paid one week in advance and due on Friday of each week (unless your child is not contracted to attend on Fridays, in which the payment is due on the last day of the week that your child attends care). Tuition will be considered delinquent if not paid by closing on Friday at 5:00 pm, and a $30.00 late fee PER DAY will be charged to your account until payment is made in full.


Payment is based on contract, not attendance.


***NOTICE**** Your child will not be able to return until all fees, including late fees, are paid in full!


Your childcare tuition will remain the same (AKA grandfathered in) from your child’s first day of enrollment to their last except in the following scenarios:

(1) When graduating from Infant class (0 – 15 months old) to Young Toddler class (16 months – 36 months old) to Toddler/Preschool class (3-5 years old) to School Age Class (6 – 13 years old)

(2) When changing contracted days of attendance

(3) Stopping and then restarting paid attendance in our childcare.


In all scenarios, your new payment will default to the current price of the newly enrolled schedule.


The following paragraph only concerns part-time schedules. Unfortunately, we cannot switch around your child's scheduled days of enrollment on an occasional or semi-occasional basis. In other words, your days contracted are your days and cannot be altered every week. If you feel you need and want a more flexible schedule, you may consider adding days or going full-time. However, keep in mind you can also pay for extra days on an as-needed basis for the cost of your current average daily amount (e.g., If you pay $170 per week, each additional day would be $40 per day).

Voucher Swipes are required to be completed every week.


Late Pickup Policy

If your child is picked up after your contracted pickup time, there will be a late charge assessed of $2.00 for every minute per child (unless prior arrangements have been made). If your child is picked up after closing time (6:45 pm), a late charge will be assessed at $5.00 for every one minute (unless prior arrangements have been made). Please be courteous and arrive on time.

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