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Little Darrel's Learning Academy


As a child, I always loved spending time with my younger cousins and my mother's friends' children. I enjoyed playing games with them, teaching them new things, and reading to them. As I grew older, I discovered my passion for healthcare. I accompanied my mother to visit her clients and found it fulfilling to assist people in need. This is when I realized that caring for others was a gift I had been given.


In my teenage years, I landed my first job as a patient care aid at a rest care facility. I worked in this role for three years before transitioning to a habilitation training specialist for disabled adults. I worked in that position for four and a half years. Eventually, I earned my certifications as a certified nursing aide and medication aide. I worked as a certified nursing aide for six years, providing the highest level of care, respect, and dignity to all my patients.


I also worked at Laura Dester Children's Center for two years as a lead habilitation specialist serving children in DHS custody. My aim was to help them develop self-confidence, social skills, and self-esteem.


When I became a mother, I realized the importance of being able to provide for my child while being a full-time mom. To achieve this, I opened my own childcare home. I wanted to ensure that my child and others in my care received the love, care, and education they deserved in a safe and nurturing environment. I worked towards obtaining my CDA and becoming a licensed childcare provider.


However, everything changed on September 4th, 2021, when my son passed away. This tragedy motivated me to work even harder to accomplish my goals. I named my childcare home Little Darrel, in honor of my son, who is now with his Grandma Elizabeth, Grandpa Odes, and cousin Juwan.


My passion for children is unmatched, and I love watching them grow and learn. I am grateful for the opportunity to operate a childcare environment that is loving, caring, clean, safe, and of top quality. Thank you for entrusting your children to my care.

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